Grave Steps

by Super Mutant

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released December 23, 2012

Joey - Throat
Julio - Guitar
Mike V - Bass
Jesse - Drums



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Super Mutant Florida

Grinding fast hardcore from South Florida.

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Track Name: Hole
Isolation. I'll pay the toll. Cut the rope. I'll sink into the deepest hole. With time I will be buried. There will be comfort in the dirt. With time I will be buried. This will change. Now I'm a fucking changed man it will never be the same again. I'm forking away I'm becoming another.
Track Name: Tasting Blood
Smell of blood is thick in the air. Sacrifice dozens just for one. Happiness obtained through violence. Stab at it just to get a laugh. Life fades from those eyes. Move up you're next in line. Tradition and amusement that is based on death.
Track Name: Grave Steps
Feeling my mistakes slowly give into hurt. Millions of issues I could speak it won't matter anyway. Life won't carry me home I'll have to do it for myself. Do it for myself. My dreams went the other way dragged to the floor. You don't care anyway. What I say is voided. Words cut to the core. Life won't lead me home. Scars will show the way. Life is suffering but still I wish to live. Still I wish to live. Let me find peace.
Track Name: Polarized
Life of alienation. Declared wars on everything else but the abuser. You offer a helping hand but you only strangle with it. Your indifferences got you pushed away. Goodbye forever.
Track Name: ...And Gnashing
Subjugation of the innermost of the mind. I can't think straight. Beat it back with what will that I have powerless as I can be. Going on. Sailing away. Dying daily in a living death. I'll bear the crown of thorns. Going on is like breathing water in my lungs. Until the day I go the way of all flesh I'll tear myself apart. I'll smash the veil of silence on this world. Take the sounds of my gnashing teeth as they swallow the veil. Devoid of life. Feel my pain. Gnashing. Droning on and on.